Finding the cure for cancer

Would you download a mobile app if it could help save a life?

“Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.”
- Abraham Lincoln
"When you have exhausted all possibilities... remember this: you haven't."
- Thomas edison

Tell us your story

We want to know you.  Survivors. Family. Those that have transitioned.  Tell us your story so that we can remember and keep this fight alive.

Inspire us. Help us understand. Tell us of the struggle.  Show us that this is a battle worth fighting and tell us the problems and challenges of the struggles involved with your journey.

Be heard.

Give a helping hand

We are bringing something new to the table. Continuous innovation.  From fundraising, to finding a cure.

We need your participation to make this all possible.  Are you willing to download an app to save a life?

If so, thank you.  You have our gratitude.

our purpose and our passion


Open Source Cure

Big pharma and insurance companies have made healthcare costs skyrocket. FreeMe's foundation will follow in the footsteps of Jonas Salk (the inventor of the polio vaccine). Open Source means no patents, and inexpensive cures.


International Support

Cancer strikes locally, but its affects are felt globally. No one is immune to the devastation that cancer leaves in its tracks. We all need to come together to find a cure.


Mobile App to Fund Research

FreeMe will provide a mobile app that will let you pay for local goods and services while funding a cure for cancer. It's free to use. And, it feels good to help others in need.


Join Us

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