Escaping Corporate America – B

Escaping Corporate America

Are you stuck in a day job that is sucking the life out of your soul? Are you to the point you would rather do anything besides the work you have been “assigned”?

We solve that.

FreeMe is for people who want to do something meaningful with your life even if you haven’t done anything spectacular before.

If the idea of building a sustainable business and the ability to leave your job in as little as 90 days excites you, FreeMe is the right place for you.


Believing in Your Dreams… Do Others Need Proof?

Are people close to you saying; “The odds are against you.” and “Why would you? You have a good job. You shouldn’t risk it.”… or some other words that people close to you say to keep you in your “safe”, soul sucking corporate job?

These people may be your friends, family, coworkers and other peers. It may be crushing to hear the push-back, but remember one thing. If you want what they have “follow their advice”.

If you want something different, you will need to do something different than the people giving that advice.

Belief is half the battle.  First, you have to believe in yourself.  If you have any doubts you can do it, join us. We will believe in you and help you believe in your dreams.


Don’t Fall for Lamborghini’s and Private Jets Just Yet

Have you purchased products that give and implied promise by showing you their Lamborghini’s and private jets?

Amazing sales tactics for sure.  Did you make any money after you bought that course?

If you are like most, probably not.  In fact, most of those “pitch men” are great at selling products but they don’t know how to teach someone else how to build a sustainable, profitable business from scratch.

There will be a time and a place for fast cars, and luxurious vacations, but if you build a push button simple business, it will likely disappear just as fast as it was created.

Instead, build something that will stand the test of time.  Build something real, that provide real value, and something that you can be proud of.


Where to Start?

Most people who join FreeMe would categorize themselves as “intermediate” when it comes to business skills, yet most have never built a business that reliably makes them $1,000 a month, much less $100,000.

We will show you how to come up with the best ideas, how to build them into a reality, how to fund your dreams, and how to overcome the challenges every entrepreneur faces.

Every pro athlete knows that at the beginning of each year they will start over with the basics. This is not something new to an athlete, but for some reason in business most people skip the basic building blocks.

Infrastructure is just as important to a fledgling business as it is to a skyscraper.  If you build something on a weak base, it will crumble and fall before it becomes valuable.

FreeMe members will learn the basics that you didn’t get in your education and we will show you how to build your business to as big as you can dream.


Turn Your Idea into a Million Dollar Business within 12 Months (or, keep it small and keep it all… you choose)

Once you have a killer idea, you will learn how to scale that idea into a million dollar business. If that is what you want. It’s your dream. Just giving you a heads up, because your dreams will expand and grow if you become a FreeMe member.

All of our members get access to watch million dollar businesses being built from scratch so you can learn how to build your own successful business.

It’s totally up to you. First you will learn how to add a thousand dollars a month to your income… then add as many zero’s as you can dream of for you and your family. It’s totally up to you! We’ll show you how.


Can a Rookie Build a Million Dollar Business from Scratch within 12 Months (watch live to find out)

There are so many online courses, tv shows, and consultants who will talk a good game… but, nobody has ever done what we do at FreeMe.

Granted, it is rife with risk.  Because you can’t predict the future… or can you?

It would be interesting to watch someone who has built two successful businesses create a new million dollar business from scratch.

But, there would be much more learning and more applicable lessons if you could watch someone being coached that had never built a million dollar business before. Right?

Even better, would be the ability to get your questions answered as you were building your own business. Yes?


FreeMe is Exactly What You Have Been Waiting for

If you are wanting to escape Corporate America… FreeMe is for you.

Have an idea already?

Don’t have an idea yet?

Prefer a business in a box where someone else has built it for you?

We do all of the above.

It doesn’t matter where you are at, FreeMe’s mission is to free you from your day job. We are dedicated to meeting you where you are at.

You bring the passion and hard work and we will give coaching, processes, and short cuts that have been hard earned over the last two decades.


Join FreeMe to Get the Coaching You Need

Most people can’t afford they type of coaching FreeMe members get.  In traditional corporate America, this same coaching would cost $10,000 a day or more.

Not here. FreeMe is built to help you get out of corporate America, not keep you chained to it.

In fact, FreeMe is even better than the typical executive coaching experience because you get to work on projects you are passionate about… Not just projects you were assigned.

FreeMe members are able to get any business question  they have answered via video response.

Never before has something of this magnitude been attempted, but we are that committed to our members success.

In order for this coaching to be successful for you and manageable for us, we will be sharing video answers for common questions with everyone.

This will help us help more people.  And, you will get two important things:

  1. If you have a question that has already been answered you will get an immediate video answer that was previously recorded.  This means you can get some answers on demand.
  2. If you want to learn from other peoples questions you will be able to review our video FAQ’s to explore what questions others have asked.
  3. If all else fails… ask your question and you will get a personalized video response.


FreeMe’s “Escape Corporate America” 90 Day Challenge

Ok, so we have shared a glimpse of what FreeMe is all about. Now, it is time for you to take action. Why not start with FreeMe’s 90 Day Challenge to Escape Corporate America.

The next three months are going to go by whether you join us or not. The question is, will you still be working that same, soul sucking job… or will you be FREE at last!

It will take commitment on your part.  If you can’t put at least ten hours a week into this challenge, I would say you should just stay in your job.

If you are ready to take action, there will not be a better opportunity for you to achieve the freedom you desire… and, if you enjoy what you are doing at the end of 90 days, we will encourage you to take it further and grow your business to as big as you can dream.

Join us for the 90 day challenge!


Get Coached by an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur

Richard (Rick) Swanson leads our coaching. This is your chance to be coached and mentored by someone who has built two of America’s fastest growing privately held companies, as listed in Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 list.

His honorable mentions include:

:-: Red Herring Top 100 (top technology company) 2011
:-: GEW50 (one of top 50 startups globally) 2011
:-: PC Week Award (top internet software runner-up to Adobe) ’99
:-: Inc. 500 List – ’99
:-: Ranked in 25 fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley ’98
:-: Inc. 500 List ’94
:-: Ranked in 25 fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley ’93

He has coached executives and teams on Lean Startup and Innovation principles at some of the largest public and privately held companies in the world.

He has also mentored aspiring entrepreneurs that have gone on to be accepted into TechStars incubator and also be featured on Shark Tank.

Not everyone will reach these levels, but if you have the raw talent, Richard will push you to exceed even your wildest expectations.


How Much Does it Cost?

Good question. The answer is more complex than a simple dollar figure.

What would your life be like if you could have a full time income while traveling the world, or spending more time with family?  What would that be worth to you?

We know we could charge thousands of dollars for this, but we want it to be in reach of most people who want to change their life.

That said, we structured  our pricing based upon how much access you will get to coaching. Video access only is different than direct access as we only have so many hours in a day for personalized responses.

All that said, we have two different memberships and they both have a $7, seven day trial so you can see which one is right for you.


Select Members will get Million Dollar Coaching

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get someone to help you build a million dollar business without having to give up an arm and a leg in equity or cash?

Here’s the unique offer that we have for one or more lucky members. We will train one or more members with world class coaching to help you build a million dollar business within a year.

In exchange for helping you build a million dollar business, we get the right to record what we are teaching so that other members can be a fly on the wall and learn to build their own million dollar business while they watch as your million dollar journey unfolds.

Only premium Co-Founder Club members will be considered for this one on one coaching opportunity.


Beginners to Intermediate Start Here (FreeMe’s 90 Day Challenge “Escaping Corporate America” Membership)

This is the membership for you if you want to get started for the lowest initial up front cost while still being able to achieve the 90 day challenge.

You will get to see most all the same things that the one on one coaching student learns, but you can do it at your own pace and for a lot less cost. For as little as $99 to start and we will show you how you can get this access for free after your first month membership.

Fly on the wall access gives you access to all training videos, all video FAQ’s, plus a #Slack Mastermind group where you can ask questions and get help from your peers. Perhaps even find someone to partner with in the Slack group.

If that wasn’t enough, we will even provide you with a business in a box for those of you who want a Fast Start roadmap and the quickest way to escape corporate America.


Want More Coaching Access to Get Your Specific Questions Answered (Co-Founder Club Membership)

This membership is for people that are wanting more than just to replace their paycheck. This membership is for people committed to twelve months of intensive coaching so that you can build your own million dollar business.

If watching video training and video FAQ’s is not enough for you, you will want more direct access and the ability to ask your questions directly to our coaches.

This membership is more limited due to the nature of the service and the time needed to answer individual questions.

This membership is for you if you want to learn how to build products, want access to premium content reserved for Co-Founders, and want to attend live webinars and other live training events.

Co-Founder Club memberships start at $199 per month, and we will show you how you can get your membership for free by just making a referral or two.


Are You Ready to Get Started?

It is likely that prices will increase as we grow to keep the services at the highest quality.

If you have a hundred excuses as to why you can’t do this, you should probably sit this one out. This membership is for action takers, not whiners and victims.

Action takers, join me.  Let’s build something great together.


Got questions?

Though we have attempted to include what is needed to make a decision, we understand that you might have questions.  Feel free to click on the Q&A button in the lower right hand corner and we will do our best to answer questions about FreeMe, our membership programs, and the 90 day challenge.


FreeMe’s 90 Day Challenge – “Escaping Corporate America” Membership

FreeMe’s 90 Day Challenge is for almost anyone that wants freedom from their day job.

Start with a $7, seven day trial, and then a low $99 per month.

You will get step by step coaching on how to replace the income from your day job in as little as 90 days. Click the button below and get started today.


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FreeMe’s Co-Founder’s Club Membership

FreeMe’s Co-Founder’s Club is for professionals who already have their business idea and want one to one coaching responses to all your questions.

Start with a $7, seven day trial, and then a low $199 per month.

Due to the one on one coaching answers, spaces are limited and prices may go up without notice. Click the button below and get started today.


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