Welcome Letter

Hi there.  My name is Rick Swanson and I am an expert at creating businesses and helping others build wealth.

The offer to help 1,000 people get to $10,000 of monthly income will be limited to either the first 1,000 people or however many get past the application process during October, November, and December of this year (2019).

I am not just going to “teach” or “coach” you… I am actually going to help you create this income stream.

And, I am going to guarantee the result.

Personal Intro & Background

I grew up with a blue-collar family in a small town in the Midwest, dropped out of college and bought a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley where I wasn’t even old enough to legally drink.

Over the next couple of years I got an education of a lifetime in the banking industry, thanks to a great manager and mentor.  That education helped me build two of America’s fastest growing, privately held companies.

We all have descriptors we are attached to… Entrepreneur and single Dad to a grown son I am very proud of would describe me best. I am also a brother, and son to a Mom who is watching from above. (and I have her to thank for my “never give up” mindset)

I have made more money than I could spend in ten lifetimes, and lost eight figures in a day.  (that day sucked)

My values and ethics are solid. If I say it, I will do it. 

I love golf, traveling, and sharing good food with new and old friends alike. Hopefully one day I will get to count you among them.


Entrepreneur and Innovator

Solving problems and creating new solutions to problems that have never been solved is super exciting stuff for me.

At the end of the day I am kind of a geek for tech solutions and I love creating new business models that create new ways for more people to win.

The business problem I wanted to solve involved creating a way for local businesses to get new customers (and double or triple sales) without having to pay anything up front.

I saw a solution to solve the business problem while simultaneously creating cashback for consumers that was ten times more than you currently get for cashback on your credit card or other cashback app.

And, for those of you who understand affiliate marketing, I wanted to create a way to do affiliate marketing for local businesses the way Amazon does online (which wasn’t possible before I created Ten10’s patent-pending technology.

I love win-win solutions.  Some have even called it a no-brainer, which is kind of fun to hear.

Beings my first real job was being a janitor (at age 14), I respect the amount of work it takes to feed your family and I want to create an extra revenue stream for millions of people. And a significant revenue stream for 1,000 people who see this opportunity for what it is.  I want to help action takers that want real results.

I hope you will join me on this journey as we take on the world and change it for the better… putting more money in the pockets of local business owners while providing an extra income for families that what a better life. If you want an extra $10k or more per month, I hope you will join me.


Let me help you create an extra income stream of $10k per month in 90 days.  There is no cost to apply today!



Rick Swanson

Founder & CEO

Cinderella Story, LLC

Creator of “Zero to $10k in 90 Days”

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